Why DMI recommends a strategy that’s social, productive and adaptive

Like everybody, we at DMI have been striving to find the best path for our clients and our people in a time of relentless anxiety and uncertainty. We all need to figure out what to do in the next week, the next few months and the next couple of years.  After much study and discussion, we propose crafting a response that is:

  • Social — preserving the human element in remote work
  • Productive — helping people collaborate more effectively
  • Adaptive — scaling up and down to meet changing needs

Though the pandemic of 2020 inspired this ebook, we believe that focusing on these three distinctly human traits will help build stronger communities that are better able to grapple with a broad array of challenges that spring from people working remotely.  We close the ebook with an explanation of why DMI is ideally suited to help organizations respond to this global public health emergency.

Social, Productive, Adaptive: A Cohesive Approach to Remote Work