You have to play it safe in the midst of a pandemic. But you don’t have to take it slow.

This e-book from DMI explains the advantages of accelerating your response to the immediate challenges of the pandemic while setting the stage for long-lasting innovations that will outlast the virus. We explore four crucial ways to gain a digital edge:

  • Curbside pickup: Optimizing the shopping experience for drive-up business.
  • Virtual try-ons: Deploying augmented reality and other technologies to help buyers find the right product fit.
  • Scan and pay: Streamlining purchases by ending long checkout lines.
  • Digital marketplaces: Transforming your business to close more digital sales.

Before diving into the specifics of these tactics, we provide a concise overview of the most important components of the digital/physical customer experience: frictionless adoption; security and trust; supply chain optimization; and machine learning.

Restarting Retail - 4 Ways to Gain a Digital Edge