Discover How trust enables cities to be smarter and humans to be more safe

Lately, suspicion and distrust have begun to erode the relentless optimism about the connective technologies of the future. Hackers are attacking hospitals. Private companies and public agencies are amassing vast portfolios of personal data. This is the new world we are moving into as we embrace technologies that can streamline our transportation systems.    

Cities want to ensure everyone has affordable access to transportation mode & smart-cities tools can optimize travel.

Innovations in sensors, edge computing and data science can make it all happen — but only if people trust the technology. In the smart-cities era, every link in the multimodal chain raises questions of privacy, data security and governance. Municipal governments need answers if they expect residents to trust the system.

In this ebook, from DMI, leaders in the development of smart-cities technologies, we explain why trust is so integral to the evolution of multimodal transportation systems.