Our newest eBook series explores the digital transformation journey across four distinct phases — Foundation, Ecosystem, Momentum and Future — starting from a state of disruption to pioneering what’s next.

Critical to achieving long-term mission success is having a dynamic, aggregate network that supports it. In this new model, your business must act as an orchestrator to an interconnected digital ecosystem that consists of internal and external solutions, applications and systems. This includes working in concert with partners, suppliers, customers, third-party data service providers and all their respective technologies.

In part two of the Foundation to Future series, Building the Ecosystem, you'll learn:

  • What the new ecosystem model looks like and how it can help you achieve your business objectives 
  • Why you need the "three D's" — decentralization, democratization and diversification to truly achieve digital transformation
  • How to move from a finite to an infinite mindset 
  • Traits of a worthy ecosystem partner 
  • How to leverage partner resources to achieve mission success 
  • Factors to consider when you’re building out your tech stack