Discover How THE internet of medical things Can power personalised healthcare

The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) is a system of wireless, connected, and interrelated digital devices, software and systems that work together. The IoMT enables medical devices, apps and technologies to interact and communicate, building connections that can transform healthcare and put patients at the centre of their care.

In this whitepaper, we describe why building digital connections is critical to improving patient care. 

We provide the building blocks of an IoMT solution and identify the three critical barriers to every business must breakdown, including regulatory compliance, cyber-security and competition for talent.

In addition, you will also learn: 

  • The benefits and risks of cyber-physical systems.
  • Five key questions every CMO and in-house digital leader must ask before investing in IoMT.  
  • How DMI can help transform technology for you, your customers and your patients.