Discover how using predictive AI will keep your customers happy

The customer calling in with a complaint or question doesn’t want to wade through menu after menu of cheerful robotic instructions. They want the fastest path to satisfaction.  Predictive algorithms can kick this process into high gear. A well-designed customer-care bot pulls in data from multiple sources and makes an educated guess about the customer’s intentions. Getting it right has four fundamentals and in this ebook from DMI, we provide a concise review of these issues:

  • Priorities: Emphasizing customer impact over predictive accuracy.
  • Data access: Linking to the most relevant, timely and authoritative sources.
  • Simplicity: Avoiding the urge to overcomplicate predictive customer care.
  • Iteration: Starting small and building from a base of proven, impactful predictions.

We also discuss a sample customer-care scenario and then walk through each of the four fundamentals of predicting customer intent.

4 Keys to Predicting Intent in Customer Care